Dating Violence Memoirs

When teaching about dating violence, there is a victim, an abuser and usually a bystander. In the movie or case study, “No One Would Tell“, referenced in this post, these roles are clearly portrayed. The Dating Violence Memoirs is a follow-up project to that case study, focusing directly on the narratives of these characters. Read on to learn more…



  • No One Would Tell” (2018 version from Amazaon)
  • Projector & Screen
  • Cardstock with Printed Headshots
  • Sharpies
  • Colored Pencils or Markers
  • Old Magazines (optional)


  • Following the case study, students are introduced to the project.
  • I explain what a memoir which is a first person narrative of a particular point in a person’s life.
  • Students are asked to think about how they would capture a memoir in only six precise words for the abuser, the target/victim and the bystander of “No One Would Tell” based on the events that occurred.
  • After composing a rough draft of their memoir and getting feedback from a peer, students are ready for their cardstock headshot. I have included many headshot templates for students to choose from, however, I did try to choose those that resembled the actual movie characters.
  • For each template, students were to title it by character heading and then draw a line down the center of the face. On one side, they were to write the memoir. On the other, they were to create a collage or a scene that corresponded to dating violence and the memoir they wrote about.
  • I have to say my students really got into this assignment and did some impressive work! Visuals were then displayed as a bulletin board which prompted many questions from other classes and students.


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