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Dating Violence Memoirs

When teaching about dating violence, there is a victim, an abuser and usually a bystander. In the movie or case study, “No One Would Tell”, referenced in this post, these roles are clearly portrayed. The Dating Violence Memoirs is a follow-up project to that case study, focusing directly on the narratives of these characters. Read on to learn more…

A Twisted Love Poem Activities & Updated “No One Would Tell” Resources

Ever feel like you need to breathe new life into some of your units?  That’s just how I felt with some of my dating violence activities! Not that they still weren’t great activities, I was just getting tired of using them and needed something fresher. In this post you will find a few of the new activities and resources that I created that involve a poem, a teen girl visual and an updated movie for use in this unit. So, choose one, two or all three to try out the next time you teach about dating violence!