New Parenting Styles: An Iron Chef Lesson

Once my students wrapped their brains around the Eduprotocol Iron Chef Jigsaw Challenge, it’s a teaching strategy they enjoy participating in. Why? Because it’s engaging, competitive and focused! It’s a great way to put the learning and presentation of materials in the hands of your students! The “New Parenting Styles: An Iron Chef Lesson” does just that and more! Read on to learn how and give it a try…you might be surprised at the results!


  • Ask students if there is one right way to parent and discuss their ideas.
  • Share with students that they may be familiar with Dianna Baumrind’s parenting styles (in this lesson), but there have been some new styles added which they will be exploring in an Iron Chef activity.
  • If this is your first time using the Iron Chef Jigsaw Challenge, I encourage you to spend some time aquainting your students with the concept and how it works. I actually walk my students through the instructions and the slides so they know what they need to do.
  • Assign your groups and once your students can open the template on their device, set your YouTube timer and…GO! (If this is the first time, I do give them 15 minutes instead of ten.) Also, if the first attempt doesn’t go as planned, please don’t give up! This activity gets better with repetition, the more you assign it, the better and faster your students will get because they become familiar with the process!
  • NOTE: If you are virtual, you can assign the Iron Chef templates in breakout rooms in both Google Meet and Zoom.



  • Once students have completed their iron chef templates, it’s time for them to present their slidedecks. As each parenting style shares their information, students take notes on a provided chart.
  • After students have completed their notes, they are randomly assigned two parenting styles. Students will utilize their notes to create a “Wanted Poster” in Canva. Crimes and rewards for each parenting style must be included along with images based on the criteria of the assignment.
  • As a follow-up, students write a Collins wrting reflection comparing the two parenting styles they were assigned and defending which they believe to be the better style and why.


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