Tag: Iron Chef

Meal Planning & Meal Prepping Lesson

What’s the difference between meal planning & meal prepping? This Meal Planning & Meal Prepping Lesson explores each of these in a variety of engaging ways! Read on to learn more…

Interactive Potato Lessons & Labs

Looking for interactive potato lessons and labs for your food and culinary classes? This lesson is packed full of engaging ideas for teaching about the infamous potato that can be used independently or in it’s entirety as a mini-unit.

New Parenting Styles: An Iron Chef Lesson

Once my students wrapped their brains around the Eduprotocol Iron Chef Jigsaw Challenge, it’s a teaching strategy they enjoy participating in. Why? Because it’s engaging, competitive and focused! It’s a great way to put the learning and presentation of materials in the hands of your students! The “New Parenting Styles: An Iron Chef Lesson” does just that and more! Read on to learn how and give it a try…you might be surprised at the results!

Erikson’s Theory of Development

Erik Erikson’s theory of development is one my students have always enjoyed learning about, and pre-COVID was taught in a more hands-on way. Since many of us may be teaching with both students in the actual classroom as well as those taking the class virtually, in real time, I’ve updated my lesson to Erikson’s Theory of Development to incorporate Iron Chef & Instagram activities, making it more tech friendly and usable in both teaching worlds!