KWL Vegetarianism E-Learning Activity

Under normal teaching conditions, I teach my mini-unit on vegetarianism in a completely different way! Having to teach remotely, however, forced me to develop the KWL Vegetarianism E-Learning activity in order to cover the material. Students learn about various types of vegetarians, explore reasons people choose to become vegetarian along with the pros and cons and then students must take a stance. So, if you teach this topic, check out the KWL Vegetarianism E-Learning activity!


  • Students begin by filling in the KWL chart with things they know about the subject, questions they would like to be answered and then what they’ve learned . The “what they’ve learned” section, is completed after viewing a YouTube clip titled, “What is a Vegetarian?“.
  • After watching the first video and completing the chart, students answer a prompt, sharing the type of vegetarian they’d become if they had to and why.


  • In the second phase, students explore reasons why people become vegetarians while viewing the YouTube clip, “Why do people become vegetarians?“.
  • Next, students explore the internet and curate a list of resources that help them develop a list of pros and cons associated with vegetarianism.
  • In the concluding assignment, students create a flash slide in Google Slides summarizing the answer to the question: “Should people become vegetarians?” The slide should express the students’ opinion on the issue and explain the rationale behind it. Students also need to include one theme related image to the slide before submitting it to Google Classroom.
  • Another enrichment activity to correlates to this lesson, is to have students think outside the box when it comes to eating protein and explore their thoughts on eating bugs! I shared the Bug Bites article and the Ted Talk video, titled Edible Insects and asked my students to answer some reflection questions.


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