Piaget Play-doh Mat Project (revised for remote learning)

First off, a big THANK YOU to Marissa Maltz for adapting the original Piaget Based Play-doh Mats (revised for remote learning) assignment. Marissa shared her revised Piaget Play-doh Mat Project sample with me via Facebook and I think she did an amazing job making it remote learning friendly! If you have adapted any of the lessons from this site for remote learning, I would love for you to share them back so I can post for others, just like Marissa did with the Piaget play-doh mat project! You can contact or share with me via email: Remember, we are all in this together!


  • Fill in the google slideshow to create 3-4 reusable interactive play-doh mats
  • The play-doh mat activities should help strengthen fine motor skills, engage children, and encourage fun and learning at the same time. 
  • Play-doh mat concepts should be open-ended, offering a variety of prompts that encourage children to use their imaginations, be creative, explore ideas and practice applying Piaget’s pre-operational relational concepts:
    • Classification- group objects by color, shapes, sizes, etc.
    • Seriation- put objects in size order
    • Spatial relationships- how objects fit into space, how they are related to one another (over/under)
    • Conservation: changing the shape of something doesn’t change the amount.
  • Students select a theme.
    • Themes to choose from are included in the sample slide deck which can be found in the attachments below.
  • Once the theme has been selected, students, create theri digital mats with images or clipart instead of hand drawing.
  • Students then design the play-doh shapes using Google shapes and images that will correspond with their mat designs.
  • Last, students must develop 3 relational activity prompts per mat.
    • These are activities that can be used with the mat designs that help a child practice the relational concepts.
    • These should be written on the slide and approved by the teacher before continuing.
  • Once the teacher has approved the activity prompts, students can revise or finalize their project before submitting it to Google Classroom or other Learning Management System.


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