Fast Food Project Makeover

After students learn about the dietary villains, we compare a variety of fast food potato options looking at calories, fat and sodium levels. We compare different fast food options calculating calorie, fat and sodium differences and then apply it to an alternative fast food potato recipe prepared in the lab. Students then choose a fast food menu item, researching to find a healthier homemade version that saves them calories, fat and sodium in this fast food project makeover.


  • Ask students to share what their favorite fast food potato order is.
  • Share the Fast Food Potato Comparison assignment, using the calorie, fat and sodium information to answer the assigned prompts.
  • Then discuss the amount of calories, fat and sodium saved by preparing a homemade version of the food.
  • In the lab prepare the Mini Cheddar Potato Skins, used in the comparison, so they can taste test and see how simple it is to make.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Calculators (optional)


  • Show students the Michael Pollan clip: “Eat Anything You Want with This One Secret“. This clip reinforces that we can eat anything we want as long as we cook it ourselves!
  • Introduce the Fast Food Project Makeover. Randomly assign students a restaurant or fast food menu item. Have them select a restaurant that serves their assigned food. Students research the calorie, fat and sodium levels for a serving of their assigned food.
  • Students research to find a homemade version (recipe) that contains less calories, fat and sodium than their fast food/restaurant version.
  • After calculating the calorie, fat and sodium differences, students create a visual sharing the comparison in a Choose This…Homemade, Not This…Fast Food. See the guide sheet and sample in the attachments below.
  • Students orally present their comparisons with the class. I conclude by echoing Michael Pollan’s message that we can eat anything we want, we just need to cook it ourselves and your body will thank you for doing so!


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