Let’s Get Stacked: Pancake Wars

In July I had the privilege of presenting at Missouri’s State FACS Conference! For one of the presentations, I shared a series of lessons created around themes found in the Struggle Meal video series hosted by Frankie Celenza. “Let’s Get Stacked: Pancake Wars” is just one of the interactive lessons and lab that I created using this free, short, upbeat video series. Periodically, I will be sharing more lessons based on this series, but for now, check out how to teach and prepare savory pancakes in a very unique way!


  • Assign students the anticipation guide (see below) to complete that corresponds with the Struggle Meal: Getting Stacks episode. Students are to read the prompt and circle their agree or disagree response only.
  • View the Struggle Meal: Getting Stacks episode (on YouTube) and have students provide the correct answer along with video evidence to support their response.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Flipgrid App
  • Lab Supplies


  • Let me begin by sharing that I created this lesson because my students had an interest in learning more about how to choose and combine herbs for recipes. We also had just finished the functions of ingredients lesson as well as vegetables. So, this lesson seemed like a good fit to introduce the information they desired and reinforce concepts and techniques previously studied.
  • I explain to students that while Frankie Celenza is an experienced chef and knows how to combine flavorful herbs with vegetables into recipes, they may not be as familiar. To help students know what works well together, I have them complete the “Matching Herbs & Vegetables Flipgrid RAP Video assignment (see below) using the article “Guide to Matching Herbs & Vegetables“. This is done in small groups with randomly assigned vegetables.
  • Once students have created their flipgrids, they view each other’s to complete the chart titled, “Vegetables & Herbs: An Extraordinary Match-Up”.
  • From here, students plan for the Savory Vegetable Pancake & Topping Challenge (aka pancake wars) using their selected vegetable. The vegetable list was created from teacher favorites based on a google survey. You could certainly used other vegetables…just be sure they are on the list from the above article so students know which herbs are complimentary.
  • Students must also create a nutrition analysis for their recipe using the recipe nutrition calculator. This analysis will be used in their presentation to the judges and will help break a tie if necessary.
  • On the day of the challenge, students prepare their pancakes and topping and then plate and orally present it to the judges. Judges fill out an evaluation form and the team with the highest score are deemed the champions!
  • Note: If you are gamifying your class, this would be a way to add competion in order for teams to earn XP points!


Photo by Rizky Subagja on Unsplash

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