All About the Roux–ONE PAGER

In my opinion, knowing how to make a roux is a ” kitchen basic” that students should know how to create as it’s the base for many soups and sauces, including gravy.  This interactive assignment incorporates a strategy that I’ve been seeing a lot lately, mostly in the ELA world where it’s used to summarize important text information.  I thought it would work well as a  way to highlight and summarize important food information. So, here is my rendition of a food related one pager.


  • Write the word “ROUX” on the board and ask students to discuss with their shoulder neighbor what it is and how to pronounce it.
  • Have student groups share answers; one person pronounces the word and the other shares what they think it is.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • One Pager Template or Blank White Paper
  • Colored Pencils or Markers


  • Students will need a ONE PAGER Template or blank white paper and colored pencils or markers to work with.
  • Using the provided resources, students will include the following information in a creative way on their One Pager:
    • Title
    • Define roux (in your own words)
    • Ingredients that make up roux
    • Steps to make a roux
    • 3 Varieties of roux: Name (colors) with Description
    • Uses for roux
    • Color and a minimum of 5 images corresponding to information
  • After students understand the basic concept of roux, I will demonstrate how to make a blonde roux gravy, which is a must know for hosting any holiday dinner! I like using the Spruce Eats web information for this as it includes great visuals, directions and video clips.
  • Finally, students prepare their own gravy as they prepare Waffles & Gravy in the lab. Depending on your class time, students can with prepare the waffles from scratch or you can buy pre-made frozen waffles to save time. Either way, students are making their gravy from scratch.


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