Quotation Posters Activity with Canva

Seems like quotation posters are everywhere on social media!  These posters often contain very important canva.logoand inspirational or motivational quotes that can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom.  Below you will find a way to use them with your students in an interactive way, using the graphic design Canva App or website.  A big thank you goes out to Linda Hayes, a FACS teacher from Pennsylvania,for her time and efforts spent collecting the running quotes for various FACS topics that you will find below and sharing them with us!


  • Read the quotes with your students and discuss for meaning and clarification if necessary. Quotes could also be used as bell ringers or journal entries for discussion or reflection if you have one or two that you want students to really focus on or compare and contrast.
  • Note:  If creating the below activities with technology, you will need to have your students download the App for Canva to their phones or iPads (No Android App Available). If using laptops, go directly to their website, create a free account, and begin creating.  If you need to view a tutorial first, see this one for easy to use instructions.


  • Projector & Screen
  • Laptops or iPads
  • Poster Supplies (if not using technology)


  • After reading the quotes and/or discussing them, have students create their own quotation(s) with or without an illustration about the importance of the topic using the graphic design technology: Canva.
  • If trying to go paperless, have students share their creations with the class orally. However, if you are in need of bulletin boards, you can print to hang.
  • This activity can also be used as a review or exit activity for a lesson or unit.
  • Note:  If you don’t have access to technology, this project can be hand generated using poster supplies.
  • If you assign your students writing assignments, you could easily assign the newly created quotes to students as a bell ringer or journal writing activity and have students explain what they believe the quote is trying to say and how it relates to the class or specific topic.




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