Nutrient Stations

When I created QR Code Stations in my child development class to learn about newborn care, I had no idea that they would be such a hit!  My students really like getting out of their seats, moving from station to station in order to learn about various topics.  So, I decided to give it a try with the essential six nutrients and the results proved to be successful once again.  So, below you will find a new lesson about the essential six nutrients, utilizing the infamous QR Codes!


  • Write/Project the following on the board or screen:  Can Fanny Play Violin Much Worse?  Many students ask, “What kind of phrase/question is that?”  I explain that it is a mnemonic device to help remember the 6 essential nutrients.  Using the first letter of each word, can you identify the 6 essential nutrients?
  • Share responses and make sure they know that the first letter of the mnemonic device refers to the following essential nutrients:  Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water.


  • iPads, Tablets or Phones with QR Code Scanner
  • Lab Ingredients


  • Discuss why is it important to know about these essential nutrients?  Explain that they are necessary in helping our bodies function as they should.  Eating too many, known as excesses and consuming too little, known as deficiencies can cause some serious health issues.  Show the nutrition deficiencies and excesses PPT slide from this lesson illustrating some of these.  The only way to prevent them or reduce our risk for them is to eat a nutritionally balance diet.
  • To learn more about each nutrient, students will participate in a nutrient station activity where they will use their iPads to scan QR Codes in order to complete notes about each nutrient.  See below for all QR Codes and Notes Form.  Students will have a certain number of minutes to visit each station in order to keep them moving and not wasting time.
  • After students collect their notes from each station, we discuss their answers in more detail as well as for correctness.
  • Students will then use their notes  to help them analyze a provided recipe for nutritional value.  This will also be the recipe they prepare and serve in the foods lab as it contains all of the essential six nutrients.
  • After preparing, the Italian Wedding Soup, students will review their notes in preparation for a short quiz.  For this quiz, you will copy the Essential Nutrient Quiz on one side and the Essential Nutrient Answer Choices on the reverse side.  Students will write the correct letter that corresponds with the  correct question.


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