Caring for a Sick Child Interactive Notes

When surveying my students about what scares them most about taking care of young children, especially while Taking Temperaturebabysitting, a common answer is frequently given.  It is what to do if a child is sick or gets sick while in their care.  I know as a parent, you just know when something isn’t just right, like a sixth sense, but I wanted to give an overview to my students about common signs, how to take a temperature and read the thermometer, when to call the doctor and the importance of accurately measuring medicines and storing them safely.  So, I put together this interactive lesson to use with students that is a mixture of teacher led and student directed notes and activities.


  • Pass out the Interactive Caring for a Sick Child Notes chart and have students complete the first block. Share their responses and then share the Caring for a Sick Child PPT found below that corresponds with this chart for specific answers.  After discussion of the first block, have students continue, again follow along with the PPT.


  • Projector & Screen or SMARTBOARD
  • QR Code Reader
  • Smartphone Devices
  • Laptops can be substituted if unable to use the QR Codes


Note:  All of the links below are linked to QR Codes on the Interactive Notes Form that students receive, however the links are provided in the PPT in case you are unable to use the QR Codes.

  • Show pictures of a variety of thermometers and ask students to identify them.  Discuss the various ways to take a temperature and explore the pros and cons of each using this article and chart below.
  • Students will then learn how read an oral, glass thermometer and practice on their interactive chart. You can go over the answers as a class or grade if/when you collect the completed chart.
  • Talk about pediatricians and when to call them by participating in a SMARTBOARD activity found here.
  • Show pictures of the variety of measuring dispensers used for young children and discuss whether the kitchen spoon method of dispensing medicines is appropriate.  View this video clip on the importance of accurate measuring when it comes to giving children medications.

  • Students will then practice using medicine labels and charts to determine important dosages with the Giving Children Medicines document below.
  • Finally, have students view this clip on Storing Medicines Safely and writing the tips in the last block of their interactive notes chart.



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