Influence & Impact of Social Media on Food, Diet, Nutrition & Body

When teaching about what influences our food choices, it’s important to include the impact of social media. This lesson, Influence & Impact of Social Media on Food, Diet, Nutrition & Body is a ready to use resource that does that in a variety of ways. Be sure to check it out!


  • Give each student a post-it-note and ask them to secretly add their name and response to the bell-ringer prompts: What’s your “go to” social media platform?
    Approximately how much time do you spend surfing it?  Collect the post-it-notes for use later.
  • Play the Higher or Lower Game with Real Statistics: Divide the class into teams. The first team selects a team member to go first. Present them with the statement which can be discussed with their group before revealing their final answer. The second team has to decide if the correct answer is higher or lower than the other teams predicted answer. If correct, they win the round. If not, the first team wins the round. Teacher note: If you hover your curser over the white block, the answer will be revealed to you.
  • Now go back to the student post-it-note responses on social media use, comparing and discussing their results to the game’s numbers.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Post-it-Notes
  • Colored Pencils or Markers
  • Padlet App
  • Canva


  • Assign the T-Chart: Good Idea or Bad Idea and have students individually create their chart and then respond with a minimum of two answers using one color marker or pencil of their choice.  Then place students in a small group of 2-3 students and share their views. Students are to add any views shared that are not currently on their t-chart using a new color marker or pencil. Finally, share responses as a whole class, again, having students add views not on their t-chart with a third color marker or pencil as you create a master list on the board.
  • Show students the Ted Talk titled, “What Social Media is Teaching Us About Food, Life, and Health” and have them fill out the corresponding guide sheet as they do. Discuss afterwards.
  • After watching the Ted Talk, assign students the Padlet Video Project and Ad Project
  • In the Padlet Video Project, students curate one example of healthy and one example of not-so-healthy social media influences as they relate to each of the following areas: food, diet/nutrition and body image for a total of six before sharing with the class. See guide sheet for further details.
  • After view the video projects, students create an ad to set boundaries to keep it real, healthy and positive! So…
    • When it comes to Social Media…What’s a Follower to Do? Create an ad in CANVA for a bulletin board with a slogan that can help followers be more mindful of what they are viewing and/or help them set up some healthy boundaries to fight the impact of social media. (Note: ads can also be hand-generated on index cards with colorful markers, pencils or crayons.)
  • Display the ads around your room or outside your classroom door for instant bulletin boards. This also generates interest for your classes and shows what you are studying!


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