Festive Table Decor Project

Doing so much of my job virtually makes me crave working with my hands, creatively, in my down time (what little of it there is)!  Not only do I get to work with my hands to make something creative, meaningful, useful and/or beautiful, but I get a much needed reprieve from screens…for which my eyes thank me!  This “Festive Table Decor Project” is one that students can personalize to make whatever they want, around the theme of the assignment, using materials they have on hand.  In addition, I want my students to feel connected to what they create and have a greater understanding of what’s involved in DIY projects!  Read on to learn more and let your students release their pent up creativity!

Background Info

Since I plan to do this assignment over the winter months, I will be asking students to choose a holiday or special event of their choice for their festive table decor.  Possible holidays or special events  may include…

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Hannakah
  • Kwanzaa
  • New Year’s Day
  • Superbowl Party
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patty’s Day
  • Birthday Party
  • Family Reunion

Suggestions to Consider

  • Bring the Outdoors In:  twigs, berries, vines, leaves, pinecones, branches, greens, etc.
  • Think 3-D:  Consider risers or cake plates to elevate your decor.
  • Simplicity:  Sometimes less is more!  You don’t want to crowd or overwhelm your space!
  • Visual Appeal:  Add color with ribbons, fruits, nuts, candles, embellishments, etc.
  • Functionality:  Can your decor be part of the meal?  Edible arrangements with fruits, vegetables, baked goods like gingerbread houses, etc.


Students will complete the following steps in the provided Festive Table Decor Template found in the attachments below.

Step 1:  Choose the holiday or special event.

Step 2:  Where will you look for inspiration?  Curate a collection of at least 5 visuals that inspire you and include the sources.

Step 3:  Add your own touches as you brainstorm & sketch some ideas.  

Step 4:  What materials do you currently have? What materials do you need to purchase to make this festive table decor? 

Step 5:  What is your budget? Provide the amount you want to stay within.

Step 6:  What is your plan?  Write out basic steps and take photos of each stage along the way. 

Step 7:  Photograph your festive table decor as it takes the stage on your table or buffet.

Step 8:  Reflection: Did your project go as plan? Were you pleased with your final project? What would you do differently if you had to do it again? How did others react to your decor?


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Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

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