Calcium & Dem Bones: Lesson & Project

In my comprehensive FACS class, I teach about the food groups and nutrients they provide. In the dairy section, I use this Calcium & Dem Bones Lesson & Project to teach about bone health. Remembering the old “Got Milk?” ads, students create a visual promoting the consumption of calcium using photos of themselves, sporting milk mustaches! It’s just a fun little project that helps reinforce the importance of calcium and promote dairy foods in a creative way!


  • Present the Dem Bones Slide Show (see below) to students for note taking so they have a background knowlegde of these important nutrients and their importance in our diet.
  • Optional Review Game: Milk Powers Your Potential. This activity presents students with a question and 3 options. In order to add to the grid, students must select the correct answer.


  • iPads or Phones
  • Screen & Projector
  • Canva
  • Yogurt (for mustaches)
  • Props (students provide)
  • Snapchat (optional)


  1. Individually or with one partner brainstorm ideas for a milk advertisement. Refer to your notes for inspiration (see slide show and notes form below).
  2. Select your best idea and plan your photo shoot, including props.
  3. Set up your photo shoot and create your milk mustache(s) using yogurt which I will provide.
  4. Take several pictures to ensure you get a great shot.
  5. Create a mini-poster to promote milk products using the CANVA website.
  6. Use your picture and create a slogan that fits the picture.  You may NOT replicate the sample below or use “Got Milk?”
  7. HAVE FUN!!!  CLEAN UP!!!

Additional Notes

  • Students could use their iPads or their phones to take pictures. Many students put their pictures into other Apps such as Snapchat so they could edit their pictures.
  • Ads are shared with me via Google Classroom and then I print them off in color.
  • Students share these with the class in an oral presentation, explaining the connection between their image, props and slogan in relation to the notes discussed in class. For example: The young ladies in the image above illustrated healthy bones vs unhealthy bones with the holey t-shirts. The healthy bone student is shone drinking milk while the other student with the unhealthy bone is shown drinking soda. They are promoting the consumption of milk to decrease the risk for osteoporosis.
  • I hang these outside my door so students can view them as they move through the halls between class periods.


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