Cooking Methods JIGSAW Puzzle Project

Once again, I was in need of another way to teach cooking methods to my foods class that wasn’t a copycat of what I teach in the foods unit of my comprehensive FACS class. As always, I wanted a lesson that was engaging and interactive for my students. So, the cooking methods jigsaw puzzle project was created! This lesson assigns a cooking method to each student who must do the research to complete the informational puzzle piece. Once completed, students move their way throughout the room as they collect notes on all of the other assigned cooking methods. Students will use their notes and apply the techniques as they move through various cooking labs.


  • Students select a numbered foam crab from my bag of colorful crabs along with a guide sheet of the “Cooking Methods Puzzle Project”. The student with the lowest number gets to choose their cooking method first and then we continue in numerical order after that until the methods are selected.


  • iPad or Laptops
  • Textbooks (optional)
  • Copies of Blank Puzzle Pieces
  • Colored Pencils or Markers


  • I recommended the following websites to my students to use for this assignment, but they can use others if they find them: Glossary of Cooking Techniques, Basic Cooking Methods, and15 Basic Cooking Methods You Need to Know. Note: Students can also research the information for their cooking method via a textbook, if one is available.
  • Print off the puzzle pieces and let students choose their puzzle shape. After researching the required information, students add all of the text information and images to their puzzle piece using their most creative and neat printing and artistic skills.
  • After students have completed their puzzle piece, they can cut them out or leave them whole (your choice). Set the puzzle pieces up as a gallery walk, allowing students to move from piece to piece filling in their “Cooking Methods Notes” chart as they go.
  • Students will continue to use this chart as they study other topics and apply the information in pre or post lab questions.
  • As for the puzzle pieces….create a bulletin board display out of them!


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