Dry & Moist Heat Cooking Methods Lesson & Lab

I find that most students don’t know the difference between dry and moist cooking methods.  This lesson and lab help themCooking.Methods to understand the difference and explore the various ways that the same food can be prepared using different methods. Students enjoy the interactive activities within the lesson as well as preparing and tasting vegetables as they practice and apply some of the techniques.  This lesson also incorporates the vocabulary tool, Quizlet, which helps students learn their terms in an interactive way.  Students actually ask me to use Quizlet on a regular basis to learn and assess terms.


  • Play the “Dry & Moist Heat Cooking Methods Buzz Relay” game in teams made up of 2-4 students depending on class size giving one paper per group.  When students are finished give each student a clean paper and have them correct their game board and fill in their own paper with the terms as we go over the correct answers.


  • Envelopes
  • Glue sticks
  • Food & Lab Supplies
  • Laptops
  • Projector & SMARTBOARD


  • Demonstrate where students can find and practice their vocabulary terms using the Quizlet website.  Inform them that will be where they take their quiz as well; directly online.
  • Use the PPT Notes to explain that there are two types of cooking methods that can be used to prepare foods:  Dry & Moist.  Give students their notes graphic organizer to complete as this information is presented.
  • Students will then participate in a lab, preparing Lemon Garlic Broccoli (Cut apart the recipes; one for each kitchen.).Each kitchen will prepare similar versions of the recipe, but use a different cooking method to prepare.  The whole class will sample the end products.
    • Kitchen #1: Roasted Lemon Garlic Broccoli
    • Kitchen #2: Steamed Lemon Garlic Broccoli
    • Kitchen #3: Combination Lemon Garlic Broccoli with Microwaving & Sautéing
  • Students will complete the lab follow-up as they sample/taste test each version of the recipe.
  • To review, play one of the review games on the SMARTBOARD with the vocabulary terms on quizlet.


  • First part of the quiz is the vocabulary terms, which students will take on quizlet.  Teacher will determine the way the quiz should be set up (T/F, Multiple choice, Matching, etc.) and students can let quizlet correct their quiz and then show me the score earned.  The second part of the quiz will be taken immediately after the quizlet vocab quiz.



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