Digital Version: Human Reproduction & Anatomy Breakaway

Always wanted to do a breakout but didn’t have the locks or boxes to do so?  Now, thanks to Sahvanna Mease and Mary Mullikin of Colorado, you can do just that using Google Forms!  How cool is that…less prep, less expense, but just as fun!  Even cooler, the same materials are used as in the original version of Human Reproduction & Anatomy Breakaway!  Thank you for the adaptations, ladies!


  • Show students a video explaining conception such as this one to introduce them to the concept as well as many of the terms they will see and hear as they review this topic.  Hopefully, much of these terms are familiar to them.  I will usually show this at the end of the period the day before I have students do the breakaway review.  I also briefly explain the breakaway concept so they aren’t completely caught off guard the next day.


  • Printed copies of handouts: one per group
  • iPads or Electronic Devices with QR Code Reader App: one per group
  • Pencils, Crayons, Colored pencils–Materials necessary to complete challenges (these may vary)
  • Prizes or Congratulation Signs (optional)

Instructional Procedures

  • Give the breakaway form link for groups to access.
  • Hand out the Challenges (in folders or one by one as completed).
  • Students enter the codes into the google form to move on instead of actual locks.


Image courtesy of “dream designs” from Free Digital Photos

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