Vitamins & Minerals: Speed Dating Style

Tired of having your students get up in front of the class and share presentations?  Looking for a more speed.datingengaging way to present materials to students without tying up days for presentations?  This lesson not only has students learning about the role of vitamins and minerals in our body, but has them moving around, sharing the information in a conversational manner, with a technique referred to as “speed dating”. Read on for more details and give this technique a try the next time you need to share a lot of information quickly!


  • Ask students how many specific vitamins and minerals they know.  Whip around the room to share their responses, writing them down on the board and then circling the actual vitamins and minerals. Also ask students if they know why our bodies need vitamins and minerals and the foods we need to eat to get them.


  • Laptops or iPads
  • Index Cards
  • Projector & Screen


  • Assign students a specific vitamin or mineral to research.  You can let students select or assign them randomly.  I used Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B12 and Folic Acid (B9) along with Minerals:  Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron, Flouride, Copper and Iodine.
  • Students will research specific information as referenced in the guide sheet below, filling out the notes sheet as they research.
  • Use the information to create a business card the size of an index card for their vitamin or mineral to use during the speed dating presentations.
  • Students will also create a fictional case study on a slide (Google Slides or PPT), using their research info to provide sufficient details that can be diagnosed by others, using the information learned from the speed dating presentations.  I will have students share their case studies with me and I will create a document with all of the listed for students to diagnose after they share speed dating style.
  • Once the above are complete, set your room up so students can share their information speed dating style.  To understand how to do this, view this tutorial.  Students will have two minutes to share the information verbally from their business cards and complete the Speed Dating Information Chart as they learn about each vitamin and mineral.  Make as many copies as you need for the number of presentations.
  • After presentations are complete, students will Diagnose the Vitamin or Mineral Deficiencies, using their charts from the speed dating presentations.



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