The Discipline Game

You’re babysitting or you’re a parent and you’ve got a misbehaving child or children on your hands.  What’ the best method to handle the situation; guidance or discipline? Sometimes, students have a difficult time knowing the best way to handle a misbehaving child.  So, this game was created by Laura Vaske of Linn-Mar HIgh School in Marion, Iowa because she wanted her students to be able to think about when to apply certain techniques in misbehaving situations.  She also wanted them to think about more than just HOW to implement the technique and more about WHEN to implement a technique. So, check out her game and give it a try the next time you’re teaching about guidance and discipline!


  • Go over the Guidance and Discipline techniques found in the game below.  Have students fold in half and keep in front of them while playing the game.
  • Divide students into groups of 3 or 4 and give each group a piece of paper to record scores.
  • Cut the naughty child scenarios apart and lay in a pile, face down.  One set per group.
  • One person selects a card and reads the naughty child scenario to another and that person chooses the best guidance or discipline technique. Repeat with next player reading the scenario and continue rotating until all the scenarios have been shared.
  • The best and most relevant technique is rewarded the most points, the worst or least relevant technique earns the least points.  Best methods and point values were predetermined by the teacher.
  • The most points at the end of the game receives a prize!


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