Food Preservation Ideas

Many think of canning or preserving foods as an old fashioned way of life or hobby, but with more people Jars.of.Foodventuring into organic gardening, cooking and wanting or needing to know what’s in their foods, canning has definitely made it’s way back into this modern era!  If you are thinking about teaching food preservation in your FACS classroom, below are some ideas that may be helpful!


  • Food Preservation Methods Throughout History  Explore the history of canning!
  • Step By Step Canning Tips for Beginners
  • National Center for Home Food Preservation: Put It Up! Food Preservation for Youth curriculum is a series of informal educational lessons that guide youth to explore and understand the science of safe food preservation.  Activities include canning salsa, making jam, drying fruit leather roll-ups, pickling cucumbers, and canning soup (and more!). The hands-on food preservation activities are designed for middle school ages; however, we have found in pilot testing that they are appropriate for 4th- to 12th-graders depending on prior experience with food preparation and sciences.  Click on the link for a request form for this free curriculum.

Easy Canning Recipes



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