Category: Living on Your Own

Comparison Food Shopping: Buying Groceries for Two People for One Week

Basically this lesson is a challenge for students to make nutritious meals using the food guide pyramid for $60 a week and to find all their pricing and food choices from local grocery store fliers. The students would cut out what they wanted to purchase and paste them on a food pyramid chart for each meal. The students would then total the amount of dollars spent and estimate the amount of calories consumed for each meal.

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Life Skills Skillathon

A skillathon is a hands-on way of learning where students roate through a series of stations with specific tasks to master at each station. In this life skills skillathon students learn how to do laundry, fold laundry, take out stains, sew on buttons, tie a tie, iron clothes, and find colors that look good on them. I used this for high school seniors but I think it could be used just as well for middle schoolers.

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