EverFi: FutureSmart Financial Literacy Modules for Middle School

I really wanted to incorporate financial literacy into my 8th grade rotation, but didn’t know how to consolidate it and still have enough time to cover the rest of my content in 30 days . Then, I discovered the digital FutureSmart Financial Literacy Modules for Middle School through EverFi and I was immediately sold on the program after talking to a representative.  The 7 modules take about a week to complete and students work through them at their own pace.  You can literally hear a pin drop in my room when students are engaged in this program!  We set up the class on the first day and then students have a week of class time to work.  My students must receive a 70% or higher, but after the initial week, I do allow my students to continue working to improve their grade until the end of the 30 day rotation. This puts students in the driver’s seat as they are in control of their final grade!   They work hard and stay on task as they know I can see everything they do!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get in touch with a representative today….you won’t be disappointed!



  • iPads or Laptops



Note: Teach high school?  No worries…there are high school modules available too!

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