Category: Culinary Fundraisers

Christmas Cookie Fundraiser

Another great way to teach students how to bake in mass quantity, maintain quality control, and market food attractively is to sell boxes of several kinds of Christmas cookies. My students made boxes of 3 dozen Christmas cookies including peanut butter kisses, chocolate crinkle, Russian Tea Cakes, gingerbread, sugar, raspberry thumb prints and coconut macaroons. The community generously supports the fundraiser often profusely thanking me for making their holidays easier.

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A great way to raise money for a big trip is to sell food during sporting events or other after school events. Culinary students can actually make the food and decide on a menu and pricing. This allows students to taken ownership for trips that they go on and learn business skills. It is best especially for high school students to show them how to price things and allow them to come up with ideas to market their products. I view it as first a learning experience and secondly an income generator.

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Take Home Meals Fundraiser

One way to teach students about mass quantity, quality control, and portion control is to sell take home meals to faculty and staff. My students have sold stuffed shells, lasagna, stuffed pork chops, shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, apple & pumpkin pies, quiche and coffee cake, shanghai chicken & rice, and burritos. Shopping at large wholesalers for such orders will help keep costs down so you can make a profit. I also predetermine how many orders I can take and it is a first come first served basis. At first teachers were a little reluctant to eat food students had made, but now we have quite a following.

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