Dinner & A Movie Fundraisers

Another great way to earn some money is to put on dinner and movie nights for your school. The culinary students can prepare the food and price out the cost per ticket. Have a class discussion to decide what students can afford and would be willing to pay for a ticket then chose your menu accordingly.

Another angle on this concept is to actually open up the culinary room for people to come in and learn how to cook a certain meal then eat it while watching a movie. This is a great way to allow students to plan an event and teach a “workshop” on a certain cuisine. Students always learn more when teaching a subject to someone else.¬† I suggest that at least one culinary student is assigned¬† to each cooking station and that student works with the customers to create the meal for the evening. This concept works great on college campuses where dorm cooking is limited and as long as its cheap enough it makes a great date.


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