Christmas Cookie Fundraiser

Christmas Cookies

Another great way to teach students how to bake in mass quantity, maintain quality control, and market food attractively is to sell boxes of several kinds of Christmas cookies. My students made boxes of 3 dozen Christmas cookies including peanut butter kisses, chocolate crinkle, Russian Tea Cakes, gingerbread, sugar, raspberry thumb prints and coconut macaroons.

  • We sold each box for $10.00 and we sold a little over 100 boxes.
  • If you are going to do a fundraiser like this be prepared for some rejects. I thought I accounted for rejects when I originally put together the number of batches of each type I needed. Unfortunately, I did not anticipate the number of cookies that would be rejected nor that the quantities that the recipes tell you they make are based on small size cookies- insufficient for the height of the boxes that I purchased. My suggestion in all this is to make each recipe yourself and figure out how many it should make at the desired size cookie you want and do your own math.
  • When making uniformly decorated gingerbread men or sugar cookies, it is a really good idea to have pictures or samples of three different designs that are acceptable. See my sample below.


Recycled Trendy Cookie Boxes

RecycledCookieBoxesRecycled Cookie Boxes

  • A great way to Recycle used plastic wrap, foil, and wax paper boxes is to make them into cookie boxes. Simply take them apart, remove the sharp strip, glue beautiful paper on the outsides, cut around the edges, reassemble the box using hot glue, add a few decorations like trims, and wa-la- a lovely box for cookies or homemade truffles. Line the inside of the box with wax paper and place each cookie or chocolate in a mini muffin liner.

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