Tarsia Puzzles for Foods Class

Studies show that students who actually engage with hands-on learning are more likely to remember information, stay focused and increase brain activity! Tarsia Puzzles for Foods Class are a great way for students manipulate pieces to review and/or apply content. Included below are several that I created for use with all age groups. What ways can you think to use Tarsia Puzzles?


  • For the tarsia puzzles linked below, I would have taught the concepts to the students prior to this review.
  • Cut the triangles apart, mix them up and place them in an envelope to give to students. Cutting the triangles apart is the most tedious part of this activity, so you will need to allow time to do this (unless you are lucky enough to have an aide or student helper)!


  • Printed & Cut Apart Tarsia Puzzle Pieces
  • Envelopes to Store Pieces

Directions for Use

  • First, decide if this review activity is going to be individual, partner or small group based. Also, this can be a great activity for stations if you are using them as you only need one set!
  • Pass out an envelope to students and have them start with one triangle and read the question or prompt.
  • Find the answer on another triangle and match the answer side of the triangle to the question or prompt it answers.
  • When students are finished, they should have one large triangle with question and answer matches within.
  • When determining if student matches are correct, you can pull out incorrect pieces so they can rework them. Or if you are grading the review, you can have them take a photo of their completed puzzle and attach it in Google Classroom. You could also have them tape the puzzle together and write their name on the back, but that is really tedious.
  • Note: There are several different types or shapes that Tarsia Puzzles can be created with and many are editable such as this freebie from Teacher’s Pay Teachers titled “Tarsia Puzzle Template: Square with Triangles“.


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