Check Writing Game Board

Excited to be collaborating again with Arlene DeJoy-Meckes from Twins and Teaching blog and TPT store to bring you this Check Writing Game Board review activity! If you teach the basics of writing checks and balancing a checkbook register, this will be an engaging addition to your lesson!


  • Make sure you have covered the basics of writing checks and balancing a checkbook register. In case you are in need of those materials I will link some TPT freebies to get you started are extend your resources

Check Writing & Check Balancing Resources


  • Copy of Game Board (laminate if using repeatedly)
  • Dice
  • Random Game Pieces (coins, buttons or beans)

Game Board Instructions

  • For this game you will print multiple boards for groups of 3-4 students. Laminating the boards or printing them on thicker paper is a great idea.
  • You will also need to print and cut apart the game cards (one set for each group).
  • You will need dice for each group and game pieces. You can use random game pieces or coins or even dried beans!
  • Keep track of the events and points as you review checking writing and checking account information as you try to win the game.


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