Cooking Show BINGO

My students love cooking shows (especially the competitive ones) and so do I!  With that being said,  I wanted to be able to use them in an interactive way, not just with questions that had to be written out and answered.  I wanted to be able to engage my students and have some educational fun at the same time. A former student of mine, who just happens to be a computer genius and good friend of my son, designed and gifted me with this computer generated Cooking Show BINGO board game. This Google Sheets program has the capability of creating different board versions at the click of some keys so it saves having to manually recreate and reproduce different boards for your students!  How cool is that? Read on to learn more about how you can create these for your classroom use.

Step One

Choose a cooking show to use with the BINGO boards. There are so many to choose from. Many of the below suggestions are either free on YouTube or available at Amazon for a small fee:

Step Two

  • Create as many different copies of the BINGO boards (Sheet 1 by following the instructions on Sheet 2 of the Google Sheet. NOTE: Please make a copy of this spreadsheet for your own files and please DO NOT MAKE CHANGES to the one I’m sharing with you.
  • Find something to use as BINGO markers. I have a huge bucket of buttons I like to use. I simply fill small Dixie cups for each student and pass out when I give them their boards.

Step Three

  • Explain the rules of BINGO if necessary and begin the show and the game. The first person to reach BINGO wins. This is a great opportunity to discuss what the student marked and how it was shown in the program.
  • This helps to reinforce a variety of concepts in a fun, educational way.
  • If time permits, you can resume the game and see how many other examples can be found within the program.


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