One “Pot” Pourri Meals with Edible Flowers

Years ago, I took a class on edible flowers with my local extension office.  Not only was it pleasing to the eye, but it was tastefully pleasant as well!  Recently, I was reminded of edible flowers when meeting up with a former student and dear friend; Ashten Swartz.  She shared with me that she developed recipes for GRIT magazine around the theme of edible flowers…you’ll find her recipes linked below!  Anyway, one thing led to another, and we ended up getting together to experiment with edible flowers in one-pot meals.  Ashten developed the below recipes and I must say they looked and tasted amazing! I plan to share these with my students in hopes that they utilize edible flowers in some of their recipes as they experiment in the kitchen.


  • Please note that NOT ALL FLOWERS ARE EDIBLE and one must do a bit of research before picking, cooking and eating just any old flower.  Please refer to this website for information regarding edible flowers or call your local extension office.

We decided to use common produce readily available, along with seasonings, and ground meats.  We experimented with three different ethnic flavors, with Ashten leading the way. Start by washing and prepping all veggies, rinsing edible flowers and cooking the meats. We ended up with the following recipes:

Recipe #1:  PA Dutch “Pot”Pourri  (This was a must try since we hail from the heart of Dutch country!)

Recipe #2:  Mexican “Pot” Pourri (This one turned out to be my favorite–delicious over rice!)

Recipe #3:  Italian “Pot” Pourri (This tasted good by itself, but would be even better over pasta!)


Whether you do this as a special demonstration or have students prepare and sample all of the recipes in a lab setting, students will be engaged in learning something new…perhaps, they’ll even like the results!!


Additional Recipes by Ashten Swartz



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