FCS Related Careers Game

To help boost exposure and interest in FCS related careers, I developed this interactive game to help students explore careers and related careers within our field. This is an interactive, small group activity that can be very competitive and fun, especially for junior high level students! All you need are some dice, a game board and optional electronic devices.  This is a great activity to do when you need to fill a day before school breaks, between units or changing class rotations!


  • Game Board (See Attachments)
  • Die (Hand-made or Pre-made)
  • Electronic Devices (iPads, Tablets, Phones)–Optional
  • Prizes (optional)


  • Either collect a bunch of dice or have students create their own using the provided die template.  Cardstock works the best because it’s super sturdy.  Students can glue or tape the die together depending on your time frame.
  • Either assign teams of students or let students pick their own…your call.  However, teams should consist of 2-4 students.
  • Explain the rules according to the provided directions below.  Encourage them to think creatively!
  • Tell students how much time they will have and whether or not they can use their devices to assist them in finding careers.
  • Pass out game boards face down and when all groups have their boards, announce the start of the game by having groups flip their game board on the count of 3.  If anyone cheats, they have to wait an extra few seconds.
  • Circulate the room as students play the game to see how they are doing.  Monitor the time and give warnings when time is drawing to a close.
  • When time is called, teams share their careers.  Duplicate answers are eliminated and earn zero points, while those that are unique to only their group are awarded a point.  The team with the most points WINS!  I award extra credit points, but you could easily provide a prize…again, your call!



Image courtesy of Alesanko R. or Free Digital Photos

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