Gluten Free Culinary Unit

Gluten sensitivities and gluten free preferences are on the rise in the US, but what exactly is gluten and why are people effected by it? Below you will find some resources to teach about gluten and it’s role in food.  You will also find links to several culinary labs that are gluten free.  The only thing not being addressed in this post is how FACS teachers handle this with students who are gluten free in the classroom.  If you have successful tips on how to handle gluten free in your classroom, please share them at Feedback@FamilyConsumerSciences.


  • How many of you have seen products in the grocery store or foods on a menu labeled “gluten-free”?  How many of you know someone with a gluten sensitivity or intolerance? What does that mean?  What is gluten? Why are some people unable to consume a diet containing gluten?
  • Have student complete the questions below as they view the Ted Ed Original Video titled What’s the big deal with gluten?


Culinary Labs








Share your Tips for Gluten Free Students in the FACS Classroom at


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