Desserts in a Jar: Lab Ideas

Who would have thought that the age old canning jar would be perfect for dessert food labs!  When choosing recipes for I try to select recipes so students get a nice sample to taste, but leave very little, if any leftovers.  Not only does this cut down on waste, money spent on ingredients, but it also forces students to practice portion control and eliminates arguing over who gets the extras.  Sometimes I have to adjust the recipes prior to the lab,  or I get the students to do it as practice or review, but sometimes I find recipes that make individual portions in a unique way like the ones you’ll find below.  Since I inherited oodles of half pint canning jars, this was a perfect way to make use of the extras and students love anything out of the ordinary!


  • How can you use a mason jar in the kitchen?  Canning/preserving foods like jams, fruits, veggies, store ingredients and leftovers,  mix or shake foods together like dressings, flour/water, and bake in them, yes bake!
  • View this video on how to bake a cake in a mason jar…it’s really cool!



  • Half-Pint Canning Jars (with lids/seals depending on recipe)
  • Lab Ingredients

Lab Ideas & Recipes


Note:  These little jars may make for a great fundraiser….add fabric, ribbon and a label to dress up the jars and you’ve got a great little product!


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