Healthy Eating & Exercise Vision Board

Have you ever seen an idea that sparked another idea?  Well that is what happened with this lesson plan.  Edith Rohrer, a FACS teacher from Indiana, Vision.Board.IIshared a web based personalized goals activity using the Choose MyPlate website.  When I saw this great activity, I immediately thought there should be a follow-up assignment to help students visualize, plan and set goals to help them achieve their personal eating and exercise goals based on this information. And so the vision board project was created.

PA Standards

  • 11.3.12 C  Evaluate sources of food and nutrition information.
  • 11.3.12 F  Evaluate the application of nutrition and meal planning principles in the selection, planning, preparation and serving of meals that meet the specific nutritional needs of individuals across their lifespan.

Teacher Background

  • A vision board is something you create to remind yourself of your own personal goals and desires. It can also be called a vision map.  It can be a reminder of, inspiration for, or a way to affirm the progress you are making on a particular goal.


  • Show students a poster of the ChooseMyPlate food guide.  Ask students the following questions: How many Calories do you need each day? What amount of food do you need from each food group each day? How much time should you spend exercising each day?


  • Laptops
  • Poster Supplies
  • Magazines


  • Complete the web activity using Edith Rohrer’s assignment sheet “Choosemyplate Personalized Food Group Needs” (included below).  Students will need to log on to this website and follow the instructions on the guide sheet.  While on that site students should also find out the amount of physical activity teens should be engaged in on a daily basis.
  • After completing the web activity, discuss some questions with students, brainstorming both as a group and individually to help them define their healthy eating and exercise goals.  See specific questions in the lesson plan.


  • Complete the Healthy Exercise, Eating & ChooseMyPlate Vision Board project.




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