Whoopie Pies

Looking for a fun, simple, delicious dessert with many variations to make in class or at home?  Look no further!  Depending on where you grew up, you may or may not have experienced this wonderful treat called a “Whoopie Pie”.  Below you will find a brief history of this dessert along with both a scratch recipe and a version using a cake mix, for time saving purposes, along with some tasty variations of this dessert.  Not only do these make a great dessert but they are a great party snack for child/adult functions.  It’s also an easy, profitable fundraiser for your school or organization…just take orders and you’ll be baking up a storm!


  • A whoopie pie is similar to a sandwich, made with two soft cookie type cakes with an icing filling.  The original and most common whoopie is chocolate but experimentation over the years has led to a lot of tasty variations!
  • Based on Pennsylvania tradition, whoopie pies originated in Pennsylvania Dutch Country known as Lancaster County. It was created by the Amish and German communities dating back as early as the 1920’s.
  • Legend has it that rather than waste leftover cake batter, Amish women baked the batter into little mounds or cakes and then filled them with icing.  When children and farmers would find this dessert in their lunch pails, they would shout “Whoopie”, thus the name.
  • However, you can enjoy this treat anytime no matter where you live!


  • If you’ve never made these before, it might be a good idea to view this video clip before heading to the kitchen.

  • Note:  I bake my whoopie pies on cookie sheets but if you want uniform or creative shapes, whoopie pie pans are available.




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