Designing your own Restaurant Project

After studying various cuisines from around the world students use technology to create their very own restaurant. Students decide on the type of cuisine they want to serve, the style of restaurant, the location, menu items, menu style & layout, and create a commercial. This is a project based unit incorporating 21st century skills!

Time Frame: The unit could be trimmed down to fit a 2 week period, or in its entirety could take a month or more depending on library/computer use time, student skills with software (if it needs to be taught or they already know) and presentation timeline.


  • Computer Lab
  • Video Cameras
  • Video Editing Software


  • Present the project concept by going through the PowerPoint, “Designing your own restaurant”
    • Concept
    • Cuisine
    • Target Market
    • Operations Concept
    • Atmosphere
    • Employees
    • Name & logo


There are many parts to the project

1.Brainstorm worksheet
2.Real Estate worksheet
3.CABA Application
4.Name & Logo
5.Food Worksheet
8.Dish off your Menu for Tasting

Background for Teachers

  • The entire project is created with a local community in mind. Students look at local restaurants and decide what new type of restaurant is needed. They fill out an application for the local Business Alliance. They examine real estate in their community for sale and select a location for their restaurant based upon the results. It’s a great way to link Business classes, Marketing strategies, and Financial lessons in the lesson as well. The entire project is put in a portfolio and presented to the teacher (and other volunteers like other teachers, business or math perhaps, and/or local business owners) and the other class members. They would share their goals, ideas, inspiration and more importantly their food with us. We would share in their vision, celebrate their success, and critique their efforts. The presentations can take multiple class days depending on the size of the class.
  • The commercials can be made using video (acting it out) or pictures (with narration and script overlay) depending on time and resources available.


  • Final Presentation presented to panel of teachers, business owners, or community members



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