Fast Food Commercials & Nutrition

This lesson compels students to analyze fast food marketing practices specifically the marketing efforts aimed at children and teenagers. Using Neilsen commercial data, students answer a variety of questions and draw their own conclusions.

Time Frame: 1 Block + homework


  • Analyze current trends in food product development and marketing targeted to children & teenagers.
  • 14.1 Analyze factors that influence nutrition and wellness practices across the life span.


  • Have students work in pairs to answer the fast food nutrition quiz questions. Go over the answers as a class asking for any correct answer(s) that surprised students.


  • Neilsen Fast Food Facts Marketing Rankings
  • Fast Food Baby



  • Students should read through the Neilsen fast food facts marketing rankings and answer the questions on the “Fast Food Worksheet.”


  • Homework: Fast Food Commercials Assignment. Have students watch 2 hours of television and track & analyze the food commercials. Chart provided in the assignment document.


Links: Nutrition Guides By Restaurant

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