Homemade Sour Gummy Worms

Time Frame: 1.5hr


  • Dissect the factory process of making gummy candy and modify the process to make them from scratch in your kitchen.


  • Show a short video on how gummy candy is made such as this one.


  • Demonstrate how to make the candies following the recipe listed below. Emphasize working quickly and having all ingredients ready to go (Mis en place).
  • Gummy Candy Facts & History
  • History of Gummi Candy
  • Facts about Gelatin


  • Make Gummy Candy
  • Tip 1: spray molds lightly with cooking spray. Too much cooking spray will make the finished candy taste off- like the flavor of the cooking spray.
  • Tip 2: you must work quickly and stir constantly or else the mixture will burn. You also must make sure you heat it long enough (high enough temperature) or else the mixture will not solidify.
  • Tip 3: if you’ve watched the videos on how gummy candy is factory made, you know that they use a wax-tumbling process to prevent the gummy candy from melting or sticking together in the bag. Since these candies are homemade if you stick them all in the bag together without the sugar coating the will stick together. I have not yet found a way to incorporate a wax finish into the process. That being said usually students will eat them so fast that they don’t really stay in their bags long anyway.  The sugar/citric acid coating will prevent the candies from sticking if kept in a cool place.



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