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Evaluating Children’s Books

Hands down…teaching about literacy and all that it entails is one of my most favorite concepts to teach in child development!  Maybe it’s my love of reading, my love of great children’s books or my love of seeing children engaged in reading great children’s books!  Either way, it’s an engaging and fun unit to teach and share with my students.  In the past I’ve shared many posts about literacy and reading to children, but I have never shared my lesson on evaluating children’s books.  Read on to learn more about this lesson!

Circle Stories

Sometime throughout the year, I have my Child Development students write a children’s book that they must read to the class as part of my literacy and reading to children unit. In the past, I’ve used Storybird as my platform. However, with this particular group of artistically talented students, I wanted to have them write and illustrate their own stories. Not just any type of story, but a “circle story”! In addition, I wanted them to apply the characteristics of reading aloud as well as incorporate technology. Continue to read to find out how all of this was accomplished…