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Cruise for Clues with The 20-25 Dietary Guidelines

“Cruise for Clues with The 20-25 Dietary Guidelines” is a collection of ready to teach lessons and movement activities like a scavenger hunt followed by a case study and culminating project to help you present the dietary guidelines to your students in a variety of interactive ways as well as help them apply what they’ve learned. Read on to learn more…

Inflation & The Family

Inflation! It’s everywhere, all at once, affecting everyone! The lessons and activities found in this “Inflation & The Family” post will help students understand the impact of it on a variety of families. Additionally, students will explore ways that families can fight inflation.

Family Life Cycle Stages & Case Study

If you teach about the family, you no doubt include a few lessons or a unit on the family life cycle. In my class, I focus on each stage and do an in depth study around each stage. However, I have to introduce the stages of the theory and have done so in a variety of ways. Normally, I do an iron chef intro, but this year, due to a smaller class, I had to create a different strategy. I will include both versions in this Family Life Cycle Stages & Case Study post.