Category: Life Skills

“A Slice of Me” Lesson

The students will discover differences and similarities in each other, which contribute to making them unique through this creative lesson plan where students make a paper “pizza slice” that represents their interests, personality, hobbies, etc. This is a great ice breaking kind of lesson for students to get to know one another.

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Who Should I Consider? Lesson Plan

Who should I consider is a Socratic class discussion on how students’ choices effect the different “circles” of people in their lives. This lesson is intended to develop students’ sense of empathy and their role in a community larger than…

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Social Media & Consumerism

This lesson is primarily one that promotes awareness and critical thinking about advertising and the subtleties that can influence consumers like students through a medium they are all too familiar with. I think of this lesson like an informatory discussion with your child about how not every person they meet is a safe person. This lesson is about teaching caution by thinking & researching before jumping on every trend and by analyzing the company’s point of view and intentions so students can make smart, informed decisions about what they participate in online.

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Emotional Equations Lesson

Emotional equations breaks down typical emotions into components much like a math equation. By learning emotional equations one can think about the ingredients fueling the emotion and make behavioral changes to change the emotion constructively.

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Is Sam’s Club Worth It?: A Practical Analysis of Club Shopping

In adult life there are many practical questions that require problem solving skills and a little math. This lesson has students figure out the benefits and costs to joining a shopping club like Sam’s Club. Guide your students through a real life case study that requires lots of critical thinking, a little math and the chance to use Excel!

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Thanksgiving Ideas for your Classroom

The holiday season can be stressful for us as the students get riled up in anticipation of school break, classes get shorter making it hard to cram our lessons into half days, and our personal lives get busy. I personally view holidays as a way to celebrate with students and take some of the pressure off of the normal academia pacing that at this time of the semester can leave us all exhausted. Here are a few holiday ideas to either help your department raise money, fit in some extra holiday excitement, or comply with a half day schedule.

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Subway Economics

This lesson follows a case study of a busy couple that is challenged by one of their coworker’s to figure out whether it is cheaper to make sandwiches or buy them from Subway. Students get a chance to apply their critical thinking & problem solving skills to a practical problem as well as get a chance to learn basic math in Excel.

Print Friendly, PDF & Email Personal Finance for the Technologically Savvy Generation

Teaching personal finance can be a challenge especially if you have all the old, outdated resources that emphasis doing just about all your budgeting, check writing, goal setting, etc on paper. Students start the eye roll as soon as you hand out the “how to write a check” worksheet. Granted, they should know how to fill out a check even if they only use their debit card now. The world is changing and we want students to be turned on to being good financial stewards. This means we need to help them find technologically advanced ways to keep track of their spending, budget, and set goals. One of my personal favorite free personal finance websites is

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Basic Budgeting

Teach your students how to budget using the simple method of envelope budgeting. This interactive lesson is great for graduating seniors who need basic money management skills before they take off on their own. Budgeting doesn’t have to be so scary.

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Fish Bowl Discussions

I got this idea from my high school health class and have used it ever since in the classes I teach. The fish bowl activity is for any class that you want to have a orderly discussion for most of the block. The way it works is that you have some students sit in a circle facing each other then you have the rest of the class sit out side them facing them listening.

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