Category: Interior Design

Elements and Principles of Design The Gingerbread Way

Teaching the elements and principles of design gets monotonous. There are always the traditional standbys like having students find a magazine picture and label the elements and principles, but I was looking for something more creative. With the holiday season in full swing I wanted to make a gingerbread house for a friend so I decided to make the inside of a gingerbread house using the elements and principles of design. Not into the whole gingerbread thing? The same idea can be used to create a diorama out of a shoe box and it will save you the time baking.

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I am all about the free internet resources since supply budgets seem to get tighter and tighter every year. This free tool is a design a room tool that allows students to choose room dimensions and shapes, add furniture, and chose colors.

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Choosing a Place to Live

This is an innovative real life problem solving lesson on choosing a place to live. I came up with it when I was student teaching and was myself in search of a job and place to live. So, I had my students use my scenario to find me a place to live. I gave them lists of my needs and wants and had them try to persuade me to choose the location they chose for me. I made it into a competition-the group that found a location that fulfilled the most needs & wants off my list and did the best job persuading me won.

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