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Sensory Play

From birth children begin to learn about their world through their senses.  Research even tells us that sensory play contributes to brain development.  This lesson focuses on why caregivers need to provide sensory rich environments for children and challenges students…

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Time to Feed the Baby: Homemade or Store Bought?

  New parents are faced with a lot of new experiences and decisions that need to be made.  Upon birth a new parent must decide whether or not to breast feed or bottle feed. Then when the infant reaches approximately…

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Looking for Parenting Curriculum? Check out COPE24! (sponsored post)

Every so often I will write a sponsored post. I allow companies who have products or services that I think would be helpful to you as readers advertise through a sponsored post. COPE24 is a parenting curriculum that is unique in that it is not a typical lecture style DVD but rather a DVD with realistic scenarios that parents deal with that are open ended allowing for plenty of discussion opportunities.

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