Cultural Diversity Assignment

Katelyn Propper, of Indiana, is teaching a new course this year titled, Understanding Diversity.  Like many new courses, she is building the curriculum one lesson at a time.  The Cultural Diversity Assignment is one she created this summer for use in this new class to expose her students to a variety of cultures. Continue reading to learn more.

Background Info

  • Katelyn  wanted a way to expose her students to multiple cultures in a way other than lecturing about different ones.
  • Because she has smaller class sizes this year, she was looking for a way to incorporate a wider range of cultures than just the number of students she has.
  • Continents will be alternated every week because she believes students learn so much more when they are the ones doing the research.
  • Discussion time will be planned over the similarities and differences between the cultures researched and ours at the end.
  • Additionally, she would like to know what stuck out to them, why, and why they feel this knowledge would be important/useful to know when working in a profession involving Human Services.
  • Katelyn’s interested to learn if this sparks a want to learn more about different areas, or career interests.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen


  • The assignment is set up so students can do it independently and then fill in the google slides like a graphic organizer. That way, by the end, they are ready to present.
  • Students will have one block day (92min) to do the research and a traditional day (50min) to present each week.
  • Katelyn plans to use this in April since it is Diversity month, however, it can be implemented anytime throughout the year.



Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

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