Advertising Part II: Food Themed Sneaker Project

Thanks for checking back in for the Advertising Part II: Food Themed Sneaker Project. This project gave students an opportunity to build on their advertising knowledge and apply it in a fun and creative way. Afterall, who doesn’t love fun, food inspired footwear!


  • Ask students what food and sneakers have in common? Brainstorm a list and share it with your shoulder neighbor and then with the class.
  • Ask students what their three favorite foods are and have them jot them down on post-it notes.
  • Collect and hold until later.


  • Ipad or Laptop
  • Sneaker Templates
  • Colored Pencils or Markers
  • Post-it Notes


  • Assign students the Newsela digital article “Don’t put your foot in your mouth (even if your shoes look like food)”to read and complete the below questions and be prepared to discuss. Questions include:
    • What is the product?
    • What is the price?
    • What is the slogan?
    • Who is the target audience
    • What do you think the advertising appeal/technique is? Why? Evidence?
  • Discuss the answers as class to the above questions.
  • Ask students again, what food and sneakers have in common?
  • Assign students the first part of the project which is to design a food- themed sneaker, using one of the provided templates and a write-up describing the characteristics of their sneaker.
  • Once they finish the first part of the project, students must provide some product and advertising information.
  • Finally, students must create a colorful hand-illustrated print ad by choosing an advertising category and appeal in the margin surrounding their sneaker design. However, students must do this in a way that is clear and convincing (without being too obvious) as their peers/audience will try to guess their advertising techniques during an oral presentation. I let students pick their own advertising appeal, but you could randomly assign them to make it more interesting and add variety.


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