Cookie Genetics: An Edible Review

When I begin my unit on birth defects and prenatal care, I like to review the basics of genetics especially cookie geneticswhen we talk about inherited diseases.  A fun and tasty way to do this is to have students participate in the cookie genetics edible review activity.  Not only do students review and apply their Punnett Square knowledge, but they have fun making and eating their creation!


  • Begin by having students classify characteristics that influence the developing child as heredity, environment, or both.  I pass out characteristics on slips of paper and draw a chart on the board labeled heredity, environment or both.  Students must write their characteristic under the column they believe it belongs.  As a class we discuss, evaluate and correct placements.


  • Projector & Screen
  • Food Supplies


  • Students take a few notes regarding birth defects; both inherited and environmental to get a base for key points that will be further discussed in the unit.
  • Students will review genetics and inherited characteristics by heading to the kitchen to create a cookie.  They begin with a sugar cookie and can choose one option from each category as to the toppings they wish to use.  They cannot choose both options in any category.
  • After students make their cookie, they receive a card that represents one half of a famous cartoon couple using this resource.  They are to locate their partner and continue the cookie activity.  They are  to imagine they “mate” their cookie with their partner’s and determine, via Punnett Squares, what their new little bundle of sweetness would look like.  After students draw and label their new creation, they get to enjoy their own cookie!





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