Breastfeeding Lesson Plan

infographicsThere is nothing like teaching a lesson on most child birth related topics when you’ve never experienced it yourself. Awkward, fish out of water type experience. To make matters worse, I had about six pregnant girls and some teen dads starring back at me. I felt like every question made me blush. No matter how much knowledge I had, teenagers have an innate ability to ask just the right questions to make you squirm. However, since I finally joined the “mommy club” last year, I now can confidently share a lesson on breastfeeding without feeling like a sham. Enjoy!

Time frame: 2 blocks


  • My personal objective is to not scare or gross students out with too many technique type details but rather to give them many reasons to believe that breastfeeding is the best option for infants. Something they should desire to provide for their children.
  • 14.2.2 Research the relationship of nutrition and wellness to individual and family health throughout the life span.


  • Ask students how many of them know if they were breast fed as a baby? Do they know how long? If they don’t know they will probably ask after this lesson.


  • Computer Lab & Projector


  • The highlight of this lesson for my students was having a local lactation specialist come to speak. Find one in your area by calling your local hospital or birthing center. I usually let her cover the technical stuff and have the students research the benefits of breastfeeding for their project below.


  • Have students create either a public service online advertisement. I suggest using a free service like Viddyad which helps students assemble videos, pictures, words and sound into a video ad. Have students save and email you the link for grading and class viewing. Since the viddyad’s are so easy to create consider having students create a portfolio of three video advertisements that go together.
  • If you are interested in having them create a portfolio of web ads have them create a banner ad on and email you the link to their banner ad.
  • If you want more of a challenge, have students create their own public service announcement infographic like the one pictured above. You can have students use to create it. In my opinion infographics can be a tad more challenging because they require students to synthesize data and look at statistics. 
  • When all projects are complete they will be shared with other students in the class via a “film festival.”


  • I love to end the class by reading a thank you note from a breastfeed baby. There are many versions on the web but they all reinforce the points discussed.



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