Burritos- Take Home Meals Fundraiser

Time Frame: 1 full block

Objective: Apply food  preparation guidelines related to meat and grains. Practice presentation and safe food handling procedures.


  • Review proper food handling procedures for ready to eat foods.
  • Review how to cook meat properly.
  • Assign group roles.


Background for Teachers

  • This is one of the schools more popular take home meals that faculty and staff can purchase to take home for dinner.
  • You can also make lunch portions and deliver or serve them to the faculty for lunch.
  • Hand out evaluations with each meal you deliver. Read evaluations to the class after you get them back.
  • Sample Take Home Meals Order Form (Word)


  • Have each group prepare 1-2 recipes from start to finish; assembling them in the foil tins.

Evaluation Sheet


  • If you want to make this a more in depth lesson have your students price out the meal and determine the selling price and profit. Being able to use Excel is a great life skill!
  • Make your own class brand of salsa – but it will take an extra class.


  • What did our class do well today?
  • What challenges did you face today?
  • What was the hardest part of this fundraiser?
  • What could the class do differently next time to make this fundraiser more efficient?



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