Apple Picking- A Fun Fall Field Trip

Encouraging people to learn where their food comes from is becoming a popular trend these days and rightfully so as all the packaged, processed food we consume tends to cause some people to forget where their food actually comes from. Depending on your students background, some may have never been to a farm or have ever grown their own gardens. ¬†What better way to discover the origin of food then take a field trip to the orchard? Picking apples, peaches, and pears is a lot of fun. So you’re going to pick a whole lot of fruit for what? To bake with of course! Here are a few of my favorite orchard recipes:

So practically how do you arrange such a field trip? Contact an orchard that is closest to you and tell them what you are trying to accomplish. You may be able to have one of the owners or workers give your class a tour of the orchards and describe the business of running an orchard. After your class learns about the orchard have them start picking. Obviously, you only need a certain amount of fruit for your purposes so have your students pick for the orchard-in exchange for their time hosting you. Make it a competition to see which student can pick the most fruit in a half hour following the orchard’s rules and instructions of course!




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