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Project: I’m Bored!

Ever wonder how many parents over the years have heard the phrase “I’m Bored!” during the summer months from their child or children?  In this “Project: I’m Bored!”,
students research and curate activities to engage children of all age groups to not only prevent boredom, but help promote the developmental areas (PIES). This project is a great end of the year assignment or could even be used as a project for a substitute if you have to be out for day or two! Be sure to read on to learn more…

Prenatal Mystery Bags

you’re like me, you don’t always want to teach things the same way; you want a refresh!  When teaching about prenatal development and the changes associated with both mother and baby, the Prenatal Mystery Bags assignment offers just that…a refresh!  This ready to teach assignment is one I did years ago, but decided it needed an update so, in this post, you will find two different ways to use this with your students.  Choose the one that works best for you and incorporate many of the 4 C’s (communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity) as your students work through the activity!

Fishbowl Game

Do your students sit and stare at you? Is getting them to talk a challenge–especially at the start of a new semester or unit?  One way to combat that and include
some friendly competition is to incorporate the Fishbowl Game!  This game has become one of my favorite activities to engage students and get them to relax and open up. This minimal prep game can be used to introduce new content, vocabulary words, holiday fun and more.  It’s a great team building exercise that can also be used with adults if you have to share teaching ideas among your faculty!

5 Clue Challenge

Engaging students while being digital only can be tricky! One activity that my students enjoyed was the “5 Clue Challenge”. It is super easy to implement and it does engage students in a variety of ways. The beauty of it, as always, is that it can be used in both the traditional and remote classroom settings!